My Discography

People I've Recorded With.


"Moonlighting" "Kilimanjaro" "Tourist in Paradise" "Welcome to the St. James Club" "Curves Ahead" "Weekend in Monaco" "Live in L.A." "Sahara" "Brava New World" "Rippingtons 20th Anniversary CD/DVD"

David Benoit

"This Side Up" "Freedom At Midnight" "Every Step Of The Way" "Shaken, Not Stirred" "The Early Years: If I Could Reach Rainbows" "Remembering Christmas"

David Benoit/Russ Freeman

"Benoit/Freeman Project"

Grant Geissman

"Snapshots" "All My Tomorrows" "Reruns"

Carl Anderson

"Pieces Of A Heart" "Fantasy Hotel"

Nelson Rangell

"In Every Moment" "Truest Heart" "Yes, Then Yes"

Full Swing

"In Full Swing" "The End of The Sky"

Sam Riney

"Lay it On the Line"

Mark Portmann (Road Music)

"Driving Beverly Hills"

Steve Reid

"Bamboo Forest"

Lorraine Feather

"The Body Remembers"

Rickie Lee Jones

"Live at Red Rocks"

Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs

"Pigus Drunkus Maximus"

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